It is time to play Football Frenzy U Pick 'Em online with the Tribune Chronicle.

Show how much you know by choosing winners of high school, college and professional football games each week. It's FREE to play and each contest has TWO ways to win.

Each week, the Tribune Chronicle will award a prize to a local player who chooses the most correct winners in the high school, college and professional contests. Players also will be eligible for weekly national prizes in the college and professional contests.

Pick 'em better than anyone else worldwide during the entire season, and you could win a trip to Hawaii!

Play all the games or pick and choose – you only need to register once.

Select REGISTER TO PLAY for one of the contests, then make your picks. To play another contest, select the contest from the banner at the top of the page, use the login you just created and make your next set of picks.

Pick your game winners every week up until 15 minutes before scheduled game time or the computer will select the most picked team for you. Sign up for a reminder e-mail each week so you make your picks in time.

Come back often to track your standings and compare your picks with those of other players. Pick 'em before the high school season opener, Thursday, August 28. College season starts Thursday, August 28, and the NFL season kicks off Thursday, September 4.

Join the fun with Football Frenzy U Pick 'Em!

**Official rules and regulations for the national, college and local contests can be found within the registration pages. You must be 18 yoears of age or older to play, local prizes will be awarded to players residing in the Tribune Chronicle's distribution area.